Handling named views

You create named views of the published model in the following way,

  1. Open the model index.html
  2. Zoom in to the part of the model you want to create the view from.
  3. Click Send Web Viewer link. The Send link by email option appears.
  4. In the WebViewer point information string, enter the view name in the quotation marks

  1. Copy the entire text string and paste it (ctrl+v) on top of the model. The view name appears on the Named views list.

You cannot save the named views in the WebViewer so if you want to access a named view later, you should copy the text string pointing to it into, for example, a separate text file.

When you send the published model to other parties and want them to see your named views, use the Send WebViewer link tool to send them the text strings pointing to the views, see Sending WebViewer links.