How to move and zoom?

Use the following commands for moving and zooming the model:

Command (Shortcut)



Click Page Up or Page Down keys
Scroll mouse wheel forward to zoom in, and backward to zoom out.

Pan (P)

Click Pan and drag
Drag with the mouse middle button.

Rotate (R)

Click Rotate and drag
Hold Ctrl key down and drag with middle mouse button .

With Rotate command active, double-click a point to pick a center of rotation.

Fly (F)

Click Fly and scroll the mouse wheel forward to accelerate and backward to decelerate the flying speed.

To change the direction, drag in the direction you want to fly.

To stop, click Esc.

Center (C)

Centers the model on the screen

Home (H)

Returns the model to the original view.

You can also select commands from a pop-up menu, which opens when you right-click on the model.